How a Digital Marketing Agency Should Approach 2019

2018 draws to a close, but the busy holiday season means marketers need to find ways to stand out among the competition and increase the visibility of their products or services. This year has taught many lessons to digital marketing professionals, and it’s worth looking into the ways in which they try to stay ahead of the cure. 2019 will inevitably come with unique challenges, especially with all the updates that Google plans to roll out. Any digital marketing agency should stay on their toes, but how can one ensure that the following year becomes more fruitful than the last? Here are some questions to serve as a guide:

1) How do you measure the value of digital marketing?

One of the biggest reasons why clients get disappointed after working with digital marketing professionals is that they don’t work toward the same goals. Digital marketing isn’t all about increasing online visibility. It’s important to establish an effective communication system with clients from the get go to ensure that both are on the same page–both in terms of objectives and the means through which these goals are achieved.

2) Do brands need a more personalized approach?

According to Ignite Digital, personalization is one of the highlights of digital marketing in 2018. An increasing number of consumers are looking for personalized content, one that is tailored specifically for their needs and interests. The good news is that most channels available to marketers already offer ways to target their audience based on their interests, thus increasing conversions. But it’s not uncommon to find these targeting techniques fall short of expectations. Brands need to be more human in their approach. Consumers feel more inclined to do business with a company that doesn’t treat them as just another number.

3) What steps can be taken to educate clients about pushing their products vs engaging their customers?

It can prove frustrating for a digital marketing agency when a client is too stubborn to accept suggestions. For instance, many clients feel that pushing their products is the best way to increase sales. In reality, however, such an approach can lead to negative results. From the initial consultation, it’s essential to explain why engaging their customers should be the top priority. Of course, this claim should be followed up by real results. It’s the only way to convince clients that focusing on promotion alone may be nothing but a waste of time and resources.

4) Is AI set to rule digital marketing in 2019?

The advancements in AI technology shouldn’t be understated. Google Ads, for one, uses AI to help advertisers generate more conversions. This is done by analyzing your data and the behaviors of the people who converted. But while AI has come a long way, 2019 may not be the time for machines to take over the space. Certain processes cannot be replaced by AI. But marketers should take advantage of the many tools that can automate time-consuming processes, thus boosting the overall productivity of their agency.